Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino A nice book to spend the evening, without the WOW factor.

At the beginning of the book, Sam is this guy who is Too Cute To Live: he likes to read Highlander romances, and he hides them from people. Literally, he hides the book under his clothes. And when he meets Ian, he is sure he is "his future husband". How cute is that?

After the first seduction, he becomes Too Stupid To Live. The story is pretty much like a Harlequin Romance, only that instead of a heterosexual one, is a gay one. As it happens with those kind of romances, it is fun and easy to read, somewhat silly, but it will be one of those books where I will forget the names of the characters eventually (give me a month top).

Sam, as the "heroine", is insecure, cannot understand why someone like Ian finds him attractive; he has a tumultuous past relationship, which made him even more insecure. Ian is the "hero", a guy who just wants to have fun at first, but cannot help to fall in love with Sam and his cuteness. The romance develops fast, and then comes the Big Misunderstanding. After the BM, comes "the life of the heroine in danger", where the hero goes crazy in despair. Which also makes him realize that the "heroine" is the love of his life, the BM is resolved, and everybody gets his HEA.

The age gap did not matter to me. Ten years is not too much if the younger one is not in his teens anymore, and if he has at least a bit of experience. What bothered me was the nickname Ian gives Sam... "kiddo". Really? "Kiddo"?? Every time he said "kiddo" it seems like a father talking to his son. And the other nickname was even worse. "Squirrel"... Reason: Sam likes Ian's "nuts". So romantic... not. I like nicknames in romantic stories, but this was too much.