Austenland - Shannon Hale Who is not a fan of Mr. Darcy? I think that maybe a 90% of the reason why he is the prototype of The Man is because of Colin Firth (not for me, though. I adore Colin Firth, but not as Mr. Darcy). And Jane Hayes appears to be the kind of MC every female reader can relate to: she has a mother who likes to meddle in her daughter´s looks and her love life (or lack of), and she is looking for a man as similar as Mr. Darcy.

Then she inheritates this awesome program where she flies to UK (to UK!!) to spend 3 weeks in a resort where crazy people live as if they are in Regency era. Her first days were a mix of feelings, and who wouldn´t think like her? It is great to pretend you are in Regency era but at the same time, you cannot help to feel ridiculous.

Then she starts to behave like a teenager (note: she is 32 years old). She is in "the hunt of ANY man". The few men there attracts her attention. Specially the gardener, with whom she starts a little fling. But when he tell her he does not want anything serious, she turns her attentions to the "possible Darcy", who is also the only other man available. Hmmm...

The little stories about her previous boyfriends: boring. I could have lived without them.

It would have been at least a 2 stars rating if at the end, she did not choose any of the men, like it seemed it would happened. Not my luck, of course. She had to pick one, cuz she could not remain a spinster, correct?