Dangerous - Amanda Quick Like 4 or 5 years ago I've read almost all books by Amanda Quick. She became one of my favorites Historical Romance authors, along with Lisa Kleypas and Julie Quinn. The bad thing about reading all her books in a row is that, with time, you tend to mix the plots, the characters, which is what happened to me. I remembered this book was one of my favorites, but I could not remember the plot that well.

As usual, the heroine is... unusual. And the hero, a cold rakish gentleman. Why is this formula not working for me anymore? Prudence is a girl who is unlike other girls, she is interested in paranormal stuffs, and Sebastian is a rake who is known as The Fallen Angel. Again, which hero is not known as something as The Devil, or similar names in a regency novel? And of course, he is delighted with her and almost immediately they matched.

But Prudence is not THAT original, she is kind of silly, honestly. And Sebastian is a bit of a jerk. I did not believe a single moment why he was so attracted to her. They shared the same interests? She was clever enough to make the same observations as him? Not really. The thing he liked the most was that she complimented him every time, and that was good for his ego.

Regency books are interesting because of their way of talk, of behavior, clothes, customs, etc. But there is a scene where Prudence tells Sebastian not to be 'such an ass'. Hmmph... in a REGENCY novel?

One thing that I appreciated now more than I did before is that there are barely love scenes, and they are not very long. On the other hand, there was a tiny detail which I found kind of awkward. When Sebastian is unlocking keys thru illegal ways, he says the same thing as when he is making love to Prudence. MEH. And also, why is so important to make our main characters talk during the love scene? And I am talking about corny talk, not amuse talks.

All this babbling may seem as I did not like the book, but I did, I honestly did. And the name of the hero is enough reason to rate this book higher. Sebastian is the kind of name that works for hot, amazing heroes.