The Duke and I - Julia Quinn

I decided to re-read the Bridgerton saga, after I-don't-know-how-many-years. Actually, I have never read the sisters' stories, only the brothers'. And I remember Colin has always been my favorite, reason why I re-read his story not long ago.

If all the sisters' stories are like Daphne's, I guess I did not miss anything. The background -The Bridgerton family- was OK. Sometimes it seemed like it was a play, there were too many 'happy' moments, everybody has a blast when they are together, they were smiling all the time, they loved each other a lot, etc. And that is also the nice part of the saga, but I think it was somewhat forced too.

Daphne was a nice character. After all, she is a Bridgerton. As for Simon... ahhh I could not like him at all. When he was a child, I did sympathize with him, because of his stutter. And his father made me mad, saying he had an idiot son only because of this. But as a grown up man, he was.. boring, and too melodramatic. Sometimes, when a man (in Regencies books) is denying his love to the main female character is a bit annoying. Why ALL of them had to think that, when it is obvious they do love her? Simon is like this, AND he does not want to have children, for a reason I think is spiteful. AND he behaved like a jerk a couple of times. (So different from the Simon of "Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1)"... I find it funny that the hero in the first book of the most famous sagas are named Simon)

I even skipped the love scenes, because I cannot read that when I do not like the main character; it is just not romantic. I like reading Regencies because of the romance, the fun. Which I did not find in this book.

So for Daphne-Simon's love story, I would have rated this book 1, 2 stars at the most. But because of the family, I give this book a 3 star.