Prada & Prejudice - Mandy Hubbard This book is kind of similar to the British mini-series 'Lost in Austen'. Callie travels in time and ends up in Regency Era! How cool is that? To wear all those dresses, or have those dances, or all the things that make Regency period so interesting to us, girls-in-love-with-Jane-Austen-books. Even if it is a retelling, it is a little different from the actual P&A: there is no Wickham, no Bentley's sisters, no Caroline Bingley, etc.

In other P&A retelling I have read, the prejudice that the Girl feels toward the Boy made no sense to me. In this case, it does. The Duke, Alex (Darcy) is kind of a jerk, but only because I was not born in that Era and I don't accept the chauvinism in the past. Of course, Alex had to think that way, that women were not capable, that they had to respect their fathers' decisions, even it that meant marry to an old man with no love. If I were Callie, I would have thought the same way, especially after reading the letter and getting the wrong conclusion.

There were a few things I could not accept though. First, Callie is supposed to be very smart (but she is not). She just says a lot of facts, that does not mean she is intelligent (like, how many times a human blinks? why is the sky blue? Whatever). She knows she is in Regency Era, and she asks for ketchup? Riiiight. A woman faints, and Callie immediately knows she needs CPR? Riiight

And when she told Alex she had his letters... She was not even embarrassed, in fact, she demanded him. What a nerve.

Oh, and a fact I think was a mistake: Alex danced with Callie 3 times in a row... I thought a man was not supposed to dance TWICE with the same girl according to their socials rules in Regency period?

It is a light reading, a book I did not mind reading. I enjoyed it. But the end was a little disappointed. Too convenient. And Callie was too obnoxious.