Untouched - Anna Campbell

I have to be honest and say it was not a bad book, but it was not good either, so.. 1 star and a half.

Both characters were sooo dramatic. We have Grace, a widow who just lost her husband, her home, her land, everyhting. And to make it worst, she is kidnapped by two bandits who take her to this place to become Matthew´s lover.

And about 50 pages of the book it about Matthew not believing a word she says. It goes something like this:

- She: "I am not a whore and I am not trying to become your mistress"
- He: "I don´t believe you"
- She: "I was kidnapped when I was waiting for my cousin"
- He: "Liar"
- She: "I am crying because I am scared and I want to go home"
- He: "You are a really good actress"
- She: "I am not conspiring with your evil uncle against you"
- He: "Liar, liar, liar!!"

And so on. At first I could understand Matthew´s reaction. After all, he was imprisoned for 11 years, because of his evil uncle. But then, it was kind of repetitive, and I just wanted to shake him and yell at him "My God, believe her already!"

Then, there is like 50% of the book about their lust. He was lusting after her, she was lusting after him, blah blah. It was all about "she/he smells like this or that", or about her breasts, his/her lips, his/her body, her breasts, his/her hands, her breasts... and her breasts again. Just... WOW.

And then, it was about love-making. The first one was interesting, as Matthew was a virgin. He was first nervous, and then, so happy doing it while poor Grace was lying there feeling disappointed. So yeah, the first sex scene was important to the story. And maybe the 2nd one also, because Matthew learned how to put Grace´s pleasure above his own.

But then, it was sex.. and sex... and sex. Geez, these two were doing it like rabbits. I skipped pages, because there are pages and pages about it. And when the love scene was finally over, I was like "Finally, now we will get back to the plot". But Nooo Sir! They wake up, and Matthew was horny again, so back to pages and pages of sex scenes. Then, they are finally out of the room, but again, it was all lust again, only that this time, it was also included "Gosh, how much I love him/her". Yeah, right.

So actually, I may have read half of the book, with all the "skip" I did. I usually don´t mind love-making scenes (after all, I love Lisa Kleypas, Amanda Quick, Julia Quinn), but this was just too much. The only thing I found interesting was Matthew´s past: he was a 25-year-old handsome virgin, imprisoned for so many years. And there were several times when I felt sorry for Grace because, WOW, she was really treated like a whore in that place. The uncle, the bandits... they were all scum, disgusting pigs. The things she had to endured! I guess it was fine then for both of them to enjoy sex that much, after all the drama they went thru...

Overall, I would not say it is a bad book, but it was not for me.