High School Debut, Vol. 04 - Kazune Kawahara It is Christmas time and Haruna wants to make something special for Yoh. So she gets a job (from where she is fired after some time, just because she worked so hard! WTH!) to get him a present, also bakes him a cake and starts making plan for the evening.

When they are on their date, she realizes she never kissed anyone before but Yoh has. And what is her reaction? She cries and runs away.. WTH? Of course he goes after her, and gives her her fist kiss. And what is her reaction next day? She avoids him and runs away every time he is close. WTH?

Yoh gets a little distant, because, of course, his girlfriends is acting weird and is avoiding him. And what is her reaction? She cries and gets depressed because they are not together as before. WTH?

The scene I found funny was when Yoh and Mami were together and Haruna was stalking them -and they knew-. Besides that part, the volume was pretty bland.