A Rake's Reform - Cindy Holbrook

One of those books that could have been better if it was shorter. Here in GR says it is 256 pages; and it really is 416 pages long. Adam, the rake, is rather charming. Mandalee is a good heroine for around 60% of the story. She is very independent, because she knows how to play cards, so it is a good income for her. The plot is predictable, but the writing is very good, so it make it a charming book.

There are also 2 other love stories besides Mandalee/Adam, which are her sister Constance/Stephen, and likely-Adam's-bride-to-be Bettina/Perry (brother of Adam's former mistress). Ha, just looking at the couples you can realize it is a tangle. I like that there are no real villains in the story; only a jealous ex-mistress and an annoying suitor. It is a clean romance, although it has some passionate kisses, and allusions to more intimate moments.

The 3 main gentleman are likeable, but the 3 girls were sometimes annoying. They cry a lot, and Constance faints constantly. Towards the end, Mandalee does something that make me not like her anymore; her plan was selfish and silly.

However, Cindy Holbrook was a terrific writer. The book is good, but I've read "Lord Sayer's Ghost" which was excellent.