The Avery Shaw Experiment - Kelly Oram I like this author. She knows how to create great characters with original personalities. Her books are entertaining and so easy to read. Besides, the plots are not predictable, and are very funny. The plot here is about Avery, who has been in love with her best friend, Aiden, all her life, confesses her feelings and is turned down. For a science fair, she will demonstrate that a broken heart has to go thru the 7 stages (same when there is death loss). And her science partner is Grayson, Aiden's big brother, who needs to get extra credit.

This book is written alternating Grayson's POV and Avery's POV. And I will review them separately.

Grayson Kennedy (5*stars): This guy is the book. His POV is so funny. I have to admit I have developed a tiny crush on him, something that does not happen usually to me in YA books. He is The Guy: not only he is handsome and popular, but he is full of cockiness (of the good kind), confidence, kindness, etc. He has eyes only for Avery. He helps her with her panic attacks. He is charming and a charmer. And full of hormones. He falls for Avery after the shower incident. And I'll have to say that this incident is one of the highlights of the book! Another one is when Avery's mom reads Grayson's journal. I was laughing every time I was reading his POV. And I liked him even more when he started to loose patient. It made him more real, because, honestly, Grayson is too perfect to be real. His epilogue was cliche, but because he had some pervert and funny thoughts, it was worth it.

Avery Shaw (3*stars): Poor Avery, she does not have a chance next to Grayson -in awesomeness-. She was nice and cute (as Grayson likes to point out every once in a while). Maybe because I've never experienced depression, but she was a very sad character. I know that her heart was broken, but it took her so long to realize her true feelings. She was crying all the time, and I don't have patient with dispirited girls. Her epilogue was corny.

Overall, Grayson's 5 stars and Avery's 3 stars = 4 stars rating.