The Grimm Legacy - Polly Shulman

I almost did not finish this book. And I was very tempted to rate it one star only. But it would have been too harsh, and it is not like it is a terrible book. True, I did not like it (and one star rating means that, in GR standards), but to me, it means "horrible book, don't read it!", so...

When I read books like this one, I want to blame the editor. The idea is good, the plot is interesting, it has all the elements. A group of kids - well, not kids anymore, they are around 17? I think. But somehow, I imagined all of them like 12-years-old, and no matter how much I tried, it was impossible to imagine them older- work in a sort-of-library place that keeps objects that belonged to different Fairy Tales. Like The Little Mermaid's comb, The 12 Dancing Princesses' shoes, The Mirror from Sleep White, etc. This is known as The Grimm Collection.

The beginning was very, very slow. Lots of things don't make sense, and some parts were very long when it could have been shorter, and other were too short when it could have been longer. Characters were just OK, except for Jada (? I am forgetting the names already), Anjali's little sister, who was clever and a bit mischief. Elizabeth and the rest... Just to point out something: they go to the villain's house to rescue Anjali. The villain offs them drink and cookies, and they eat it. Of course there is a trick there. Really, guys? Did you have to eat the cookie? (they were not hurt anyway, so no worries. But my point is that they behave more like children than young adults).

The cover is really nice.