Sorcery & Cecelia: or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot  - Patricia C. Wrede, Caroline Stevermer A combo that, in my case, never fails: magic + regency. Besides, one of the 2 writers is Patricia Wrede, who also is the author of my favorite fantasy series, The Enchanted Forest. The other one is Caroline Stevermer, who is also wonderful. The book is written in Letter format: Mrs. Wrede wrote Cecelia's POV, and Mrs. Stevermer wrote Kate's POV. A very charming and fun book.

Cecelia and Kate are cousins and best friends. Cecelia stayed in town and Kate went to London. Both of them are clever, sensible girls, who have to deal with a powerful villain, a half-witted younger sibling, a mysterious and odious man, magic, dresses and balls. I had some trouble trying to tell the difference between Cecy and Kate, like who was the one in London, who was Oliver's sister or Georgy's.

I absolutely loved the story behind the book, explained by both authors. It's obvious they had so much fun writing this book, and if the authors had fun, it is easy to enjoy reading it. Things that were confusing at the beginning slowly start to be clear as the story is progressing. And the best thing is that neither of the authors knew what was going to happen while they were writing it! How cool is that? Too bad I did not read it beforehand.

I wonder why the title is "Sorcery and Cecelia"... Kate is as much a main character as Cecy...

I bought the e-book at only USD 1.99, I cannot believe my luck. Such a bargain price! And the e-book cover is much nicer than the paper-book.