Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango, Vol. 1 - Yoko Kamio, 神尾葉子 Matsumoto Jun, look what you have done to me!

I watched the first episode of the dorama months ago, when I was not familiar with Arashi (ergo, MatsuJun) I could not finish it. I hate it. Passionately. I swore I would never read the manga. Now, months later, here I am, doing the opposite. Why? Because I like MatsuJun. And he is pretty much known as "Doumyouji".

So OK, I do not completely hate it. But only because of the "bully" issue. Makino gets bullied over and over, but she is a fighter. In fact, she kicks Doumyouji's not-pretty face, which I thought was nice.

Not nice: Doumyouji himself. He is repulsive and coward. I mean, only because he feels threatened does he have the right to hire 3! guys to gang-rape Makino? And what about Hanazawa? Makino is so dumb to like him. Yes, he saved her from a rape, but what does he say when she thanks him? "May be I shouldn’t have. What is the big deal? It’s only your virginity, right?". Yeah, Makino, that guy is really sweet and misunderstood. ***eye-rolled**

I guess I have to read one more volume. Ughhh, only for you MatsuJun. Because really, I don't like the characters, nor the plot, nor the art.

1.5 stars (one for the bully theme; 0.5 for the rest)