Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 - Hisaya Nakajo, David Ury Over the weekend I wanted to watch a good dorama, and on an impulse, I downloaded "Hana Kimi". And I loved it! It is so funny, and it has so many familiar faces. Seeing that the series is so good (I am barely in episode 2), I decided that it was time to start reading the manga.

There are some things similar, and other completely different. So far my favorite character is Nakatsu, who is nervous because he likes Ashiya, who is supposed to be a boy. Ikuta Toma portrays him wonderfully. But again, everyone did a wonderful job.

I think that I may not have like it very much if I did not watch the dorama beforehand. Sano is the typical cold guy who changes because of the MC. The MC is the typical nice, cute, enthusiastic girl who does what she does because of love (yeah, whatever). And although there are some Japanese boys who resemble a girl, it is highly unlikely that no one would notice she is a girl (are the legal documents not necessary in this school?). But it is a very entertaining manga nevertheless.