The Wallflower, Vol. 29 - Tomoko Hayakawa After TWO! months, I needed my Sunako-dose. It is really heartbreaking to stay away from this manga...

Many sugoi moments of course. First chapter: Sunako and the chocolates. It may be repetitive but I love every time Sunako gets crazy about the chocolates, gets fat and pimply and the guys have to control her. She even takes part of a race to win a one-year-free-provision of chocolates but the boys trick her and she loses.

2nd chapter: Kyouhei is the chairman of his school, becoming a tyrant. All girls have to go with no make up and Sunako cannot wear her hat (so she wears her glasses instead. Could she get any funnier with this outfit?) This one was the weakest chapter.

3rd chapter: in order to save some money, Sunako forbids the boys to use much electricity. And it is the hottest time of the year. So what do they do? They spend all day inside the house naked. That means A LOT of nosebleed. Surely Sunako knows VERY WELL the boys by now!

Last chapter: Sunako goes to a resort, and she meets young Kyouhei. Now, where did I read a scene from this chapter?? Anyway, this may be my favorite in this volume. Not because it was the funniest (although it was!) but because it was so sweet. It shows a moment in Kyouhei's past, and his issues with his mother (which I found even more touching after watching the dorama... every time Kyouhei cried I wanted to cry). And Sunako helps him -she even had a 'maternal instincts'-. And boy-Kyouhei tells her he wouldn't mind marrying her in the future... awwwww.

I see that Volume 31st is being translated (1st chapter only online) so it means no more YNSH for... how much time???