The Wallflower, Vol. 27 - Tomoko Hayakawa, Andria Cheng Best way to start the year.

If it weren't for the last chapter (Ranmaru and Sunako getting kidnapped and saved by Ojousama) I would have rate this volume 5 stars. Ranmaru deserved every whip he got. Even Sunako lost her patience with him and his womanizer attitude.

The other 3 chapters were basically all Kyouhei-Sunako. Sunako works in a Maid Cafe so she can live outside the Mansion and avoid Kyouhei. She gets a lot of Otakus who chase her home, and the boys save her (idiot Kyouhei would not save her until she apologizes). Next is, again, Sunako being possessed by a cute spirit who likes Kyouhei and to pick up flowers. And again Kyouhei is the one who has to handle her, poor guy!

The last best one is where Sunako gets a cold. She desperately wants NOT to be sick, but cannot help it. And she has a couple of sexy dreams involving Kyouhei and a kiss, and she gets mad! All the boys try to help her to get her better, until all have other appointments except Kyouhei, who has to stay home and take care of her, much to his dismay. So cute of him to cover his eyes to help Sunako to get her clothes changed!

So Sunako is having these dreams about him, finally some feelings! Looks like the romance is around the corner....

If you are like me -a big fan- and have read already all these volumes, you must watch the Dorama. I finished it, and I love it. True, the producers or scriptwriters or whatever took many liberties and made up many things, and Sunako was not the actual MAIN character, but I loved it anyway. It was sweet, funny, the actors did an amazing job. I especially love the 4 boys. And despite the end (Yuki would not have done THAT ever), I heartily recommend it to fans.