The Wallflower, Vol. 26 - Tomoko Hayakawa, Andria Cheng I thought this volume has only 2 chapters, and I was a little pissed, until I saw that in they are skipping one chapter (#105). Luckily I read it in another website.

But even so, this one was very, very short. Considering that I am trying to read just ONE volume per week, if the chapters are shorter I will have to cheat.

Anyway, the guys -again- get the wrong idea about Sunako and some random teacher. These two are meeting in private, and they think they see Sunako glowing with love. And what is worst, they think she is considering to lose her virginity with this married teacher. Kyouhei keeps saying he does not care, until he cannot take it anymore. Yayy.

The chapter about the Onsen (hot springs) was repetitive with all the annoying girls screaming "Bishounen!". And the one with Auntie and her new love was disappointing because she could not get a new love again.

It was a nice touch the mention of Omasa Aya and Kamenashi Kazuya, the actors that play Sunako and Kyouhei in the dorama. Speaking of which, I like this chapter also, with Sunako being forced to be a normal student girl so the other student would not be afraid of her. Kyouhei had his tender moments here. And that is how this volume ended.