The Wallflower, Vol. 25 - Tomoko Hayakawa, Andria Cheng I tried... I did really try to stay away from The Wallflower for at least one week. Reason: I am already in volume 25 and there are ONLY 30. I am almost there, and what will I read after this amazing manga?

Vol 25 is one of my favorites. A lot of Sunako's craziness, Noi-chi's madness and Sunako-Kyouhei's moments. It starts with Sunako being mad at Kyohei because he kissed her last time, and she is sure it was harassment. So she curses him, and although he did not believe in curses (but all the other boys did) he starts to get unlucky. And he has a bunch of girls' spirits after him. While he is lying on the floor, unconscious, after having tripped a stair, Sunako does what she has to do: she kisses him so girls will go away (which works exactly like that). Of course, after that moment, she goes crazy again, not believing she did that! Best thing in this volume: no more nosebleeds! Yayyy!

Yuki and Ranmaru have also their girlfriends in the Christmas' chapter (both girls, MEH) but Noichi was great and crazy again. I love how she loves Sunako, and truly sees her beauty, inner and outside beauty. And if the guys are not totally convinced, she does not hesitate to show her fangs, even if it is Takenaga.

Notes aside: I was laughing like hell when Sunako appeared with her 'bed hair' (totally hilarious) and when she was crying and her fake eyelashes were falling apart.

More than 100 chapters read! And I have enjoyed each one (well, mostly) of them.