The Wallflower, Vol. 22 - Tomoko Hayakawa 3 stars and a half, because of the cliffhanger.

There were a couple of AWWWW moments here, on Kyouhei's side. First, when he lost on purpose on the beach, so he could 'protect' Sunako when her bikini was loose. And last, when the boys thought Sunako was in love with the Astronomy boy, and they thought the boy stood Sunako up to go with another girl, and Kyouhei ran to Sunako to giver her chocolates. AWWW so sweet, when we all know Kyouhei is not a 'sweet' guy.

Another chapter is about Noi-chi trying to be alone with Takenaga, but Kyouhei is in the middle, so she tries by any way to get rid off him. And that was pretty funny. I love the chemistry between No-chi and Kyouhei. They are always fighting. It is weird to 'feel' the 'chemistry' in a manga, but I do in this case.

The last chapter was the weakest, because it was kind of repetitive. Again Sunako and the boys go to a Hunted Castle, and again Sunako is being chased by a supernatural person; in this case, a vampire. I much rather prefer the chapters that have no paranormal stuff.

BTW I loved to see Sunako in her bathing suit, she is gorgeous.

Note aside: Yesterday I started watching the dorama, which I was trying to avoid for a while. Mainly because of my 'bad experience' with the Love.Com Live Action. I have this assumption that all Live Action comedies at least, look ridiculous. Luckily, I liked the first episode. And the addition of the little boy to the gang was a nice touch. So I'll gladly keep watching the dorama (10 episodes only, I think).