The Wallflower, Vol. 21 - Tomoko Hayakawa Sometimes it seems Sunako and Kyouhei are finally realizing their feelings, only that it was an illusion to keep the reader on the edge. Grrrr..

So there are a lot of Sunako-Kyouhei moments in this volume. Only the first chapter is not. It is about Yuki and his girlfriend, who I appreciate, it is way more pretty when she is drawn by Tomoko Hayakawa (the first one was way uglier).

Then, it is mostly about Kyouhei making others believe that his girlfriend is Sunako, so girls can leave him alone. And he holds her hands while girls cry and the boys are moved, saying again and again 'Kyouhei is in love!'. It is so silly that makes you laugh, you want it or not. Also, there is another competition: girls try to compete against Sunako to prove who deserves to be Kyouhei's girlfriend, and Sunako's reaction to all the madness is hilarious.

And could Sunako get any more cuter as a chibi? Not sure if it is that I love this manga so much, but I even think now that the art is nice. The boys, especially Kyouhei, look very handsome, and Yuki looks so sweet. True, their profile is still not nice, but their eyes, or their lips, or even their hair. Cute, cute, cute!