The Wallflower, Vol. 19 - Tomoko Hayakawa Poor Sunako is confused about her feelings for Kyouhei. She thinks he was harassing her, so what does she do? She strikes back! Putting carrots in the meals (carrot is the food Kyouhei despises the most). And all finally realized that Sunako sees only Kyouhei as the 'dazzling creature'. Why is that? Duh, because she is in love with him!

The chapter about Kyouhei becoming a 'housewife' was another great one. He is always so rude, not caring about anything, and see him being concern about dirtiness and stuff was surprising.

In the anime I have already felt sorry for Sunako's aunt and the death of Darling. She was very much in love with him, and still is (note aside: when Kyouhei admitted he has never been in love. Priceless! the expressions of the boys)

MEH again, the chapter of 'The Prince and the Princess'. Until now, I am not able to remember her name, she is so dull. Give me some Kyouhei-Sunako or Takenaga-Noichi instead, anytime.