The Wallflower, Vol. 18 - Tomoko Hayakawa Well, I got to start by just saying KYAAAAAA!!!

This volume had not a single bad moment, every chapter was funny. It continues with Sunako and Kyouhei living together, and as they are so poor and cannot afford to pay their bills (they are living like a couple!) Sunako finds a job as a 'Hostess', but it is actually a 'cleaning lady'. What I particularly loved about this chapter was that Sunako -again- shows her feelings and confesses that she likes living with the boys... and that they are her family.

The chapter with Takenaga, I thought it was going to be more dramatic. And it was, but having Sunako living in his house, practicing the art of flowers (I think the name was ikebana?) was very amusing. And I found it very sweet when Takenaga said that watching Sunako again was 'comforting'.

3rd chapter, with the Goth-loli girls, the group I did not like at all in the anime. So of course I though this chapter was going to be MEH. But it was not! Sunako made a pact with them, so she could get her dolls. And seeing her lying to the boys so each one of them could go out with her -to meet 'accidentally' with the Goth-Loli- made the whole chapter a must read.

Finally, the last chapter, with Noi-chi trying hard, again, to be a matchmaker. Everytime she shows her 'fangs' angrily makes me laugh a lot. And when Kyouhei and Sunako started to name each other defect's... that is where you can realize they are meant for each other. I guess Kyouhei realized the same thing, cuz he kissed her! Finally a romantic kiss happens, after so many volumes! Obviously Sunako had to ruin the moment with her nose-bleed, but it is a progress! Yayyy!!