The Wallflower, Vol. 17 - Tomoko Hayakawa The chapter that made this volume was "The Dream They Both Shared", where Sunako and Kyouhei are forced to live together. After the episode where they had to dance, I thought Sunako had become used to Kyouhei's 'brightness'; however, in the last chapter, again she has a nose-bleed. I was wondering until when? Luckily Kyouhei makes her realize that she has to get used to him, so she changed a little bit. They became partners, if not friends.

But what I liked the most was that she finally confesses she likes living with the boys. So far, she did not show any feelings towards them -does she like them? does she consider them her friends?-. So it was nice to have her telling Kyouhei she has fun with them. Another great step forward in Sunako's personality.

Sometimes I pity Kyouhei cuz everyone forces him to become 'gentleman' or to wins Sunako's heart. But in reality, he enjoys everything he has to do, so maybe, just maybe he is the one who is falling first.

Oh, and a nice touch of the mangaka: where she tells us her feelings when the first chapter of the anime was released. Very funny!