The Wallflower, Vol. 16 - Tomoko Hayakawa Another Valentine's Day, where the guys have to endure the craziness of their fans and of Sunako, who goes nuts when it comes to chocolates. This one was my least favorite.

My two favorites, on the other hand, were where the boys go to Harajuku with Sunako and all of them disguise. It started very funny, cuz Sunako was having troubles to ask the boys how to get there; and the other one, 'Pheromone BOMB', where Kyouhei gets Ranmaru personality. At least, I do not see any romantic feeling from Sunako to him (as the guys do) but everytime she kicks his ass is terribly funny.

The so-so chapter: where Sunako exercises and gets a man's body (although I loved it the first day after the jogging, where her legs hurt like devil).