The Wallflower, Vol. 15 - Tomoko Hayakawa The only chapter that was weak was the one where Noi-chi and the other girl go to a Host Club, and Takenaga has to work there to pay the bill. Of course it was funny, because Noi-chi is silly and crazy over Takenaga, and very possessive if other girls are around him. But Ranmaru and his girl... MEH.

Chapter 60 with Yuli's little siblings... too cute! I love how Sunako is motherly, and what impressed me was how Kyouhei saw her inner beauty.

Last chapter, 62, where Sunako has a reunion with her ex-classmates and the boy who broke her heart. But the gang was behind her to support her, and Noi-chi manipulating Kyouhei made me laugh. Slowly, the romance is growing between Kyouhei and Sunako-chan.