The Wallflower, Vol. 12 - Tomoko Hayakawa Finally, other girls are friends with Sunako, and are not afraid of her and they actually like her. So the first chapter is about the festival (I want so much to go to one of the Japanese Festivals at least once, dressing a yukata) when there is a terrible heat... exactly as it is now here in my city.

The 2nd chapter, one of the funniest in these volume, is about Noi-chi planning a holiday with Takenaga only, with bad results. Naie is so funny, crying cuz everything went wrong and because the other boys laughed at her. And not only that, Takenaga kissed her and she fainted!

3rd chapter, the boys and Sunako are back to school again.. Miracle! This is where Sunako makes friends, and takes a picture with the girls (of course, Sunako screams terrified and cut her photo in pieces)

4th chapter, Sunako and Kyouhei get a job in a video store. This one was the weakest, but I think because of the translation only. Sometimes it did not make sense and had no consistency.