The Wallflower, Vol. 11 - Tomoko Hayakawa, David Ury There are still 2 more chapters in this volume that were included in the anime, such as the one where Hiroshi is kidnapped and the one where Naie and the other girl come to Sunako's house to have a party and when the 3 girls go to the spa (Sunako is so funny here; it is like one of her worst nightmares). One thing I liked more in the manga is that the kidnappers were just some random girls, not the annoying Goth-Loli group.

But there are also 2 other chapters, new for me (yay!). One is of the boy who is bullied, and who better than Sunako to be his trainer? This girl sure knows how to kick some butts! And the last one is where Ranmaru forces Kyohei to go out on a date with Sunako, with a extremely funny result (everytime these two are together is to laugh out loud). I love how all friends (the other 3 guys and the 2 other girls) are rooting for this couple.

So far they are just a couple of friends-enemies, who understand each other and who love to fight against (and sometimes, next) to each other. Nothing romantic yet. You may think it is getting tiresome after so many volumes, but nothing at all in this manga. I think this way is even funnier and more exciting.