The Wallflower, Vol. 8 - Tomoko Hayakawa, David Ury The things that bothered me in the past volumes may still be in this volume... and it will always be. However, I finished watching the anime, and I like the characters so much, especially Sunako, one of the best female characters in shoujo IMO. She is hilarious, she never cries or sulk or get depressed, or care about what other people think of her. She is crazy, weird, creepy, independent.

And the boys... I think I love them more than I like the boys in OHSHC. I always laugh when Yuki cries because he is afraid of Sunako's stuff or of Granny' stuff, or when Oda does not know how to express his feeling to Noi-chi, or when Takano is in bad mood or competes against Sunako.

Probably the 2 best chapters in this volume are the one where Sunako and Takano compete to get what Granny wants, and the last one, where the boys start working in a restaurant and then they are DYING to eat Sunako's food again. So funny (oh, and Sunako's chibi... I am going to miss her in anime!)