The Wallflower 5 - Tomoko Hayakawa This manga is so silly and sometimes, very senseless that it is funny.

- chapter 19: all girls at school are jealous of Sunako because she is close to the guys. There are 4 girls who are desperately in love with the boys, and they try to harm Sunako and Naie. The boys come in just in time before Sunako 'kills' the girls.
- chapter 20: Valentine's day. Probably the most silly chapter. The boys try by all means to avoid the herd of girls who want to give them chocolates. On the other hand, Sunako wants chocolates more than anything else. At the end, the boys get no chocolates, Sunako makes a chocolate cake and all of them enjoy eating it (except maybe Sunako, who wanted to share the cake with her skeletons)
- chapter 21: Sunako's Dad comes to visit her. He loves his daughter very much and he is jealous of Tanako, who he thinks is her boyfriend. Sunako's mom makes a fleeting visit too.
- chapter 22: a glimpse in the past, when the boys met each other.