The Wallflower, Vol. 4 - Tomoko Hayakawa, David Ury The chapter about the swimming pool was funny, although I would have liked to see Sunako as a real person, not as a chibi the whole time. And I realized the background is plain simple... sometimes, it is only white, nothing elaborated.

The matchmaking chapter was good... I think the Aunt is a silly character, and the whole 'hypnotism' thing was also silly, but anyway...

The whole Halloween chapter was kind of sexist... I mean, these guys cannot cook, clean, wash... anything! without Sunako's help. And when the guys were dressed up.. OMG ,they all look so girly! What's up with the net socks or gloves or whatever?

Ahhh the art-style... it still bothers me... the profile of the characters is awful, too prominent mouths IMO. The girls look fine, but the guys... no, no, no, no.