Love*Com (Lovely*Complex), Volume 15 - Aya Nakahara Maity is getting married and he invited the group of friends to attend the weeding at the beach. I always like chapters that take place in the beach, cause they are always fun. And this was no exception. We have yet another glimpse of how much Otani likes Risa. So each couple are actually sharing a bedroom, and that makes Risa so nervous! It was so funny to watch her get crazy if Otani only touched her hand... she was very self-conscious. Poor Otani started to have doubts if she really liked him or not. It was really sweet when they slept together (only next to other, nothing more!)

The last chapter was about the basketball team. I am starting to realize the ending of the manga, it makes me sad! I have enjoyed all the times Otani played basketball... his uniform, his hairstyle, his shoes... everything. And it was touching when the team gave Otani the ball with all the signatures... it even moved cold Otani!

***sighs*** only 2 volumes left :(