Love*Com (Lovely*Complex), Volume 14 - Aya Nakahara First I thought Otani was a a real jerk by not believing his girlfriend telling him about this ho. He even became angry! I thought this volume was not going to be so great... I was decided to give it only 3 stars... But he redeemed himself later... So the ho was really a mean ho who tried to harm Risa. Grandpa asked Otani for help, even if there were yakuza at the ho's house (I just learned what 'yakuza' is: the mob). Otani was not afraid cuz he needed to save Risa. And then, in the apartment, he confessed he loves Risa... awwwwwwww so cute.

The whole chapter with Haruka's girlfriends and Umibozu concert was also cute. I like Otani now and I forgive him his bad mood during the exams. He is nice and a wonderful boyfriend as well as friend.

Aside note: I looooove the outfits! Specially Otani's clothes... the details... OMG! Really good artwork.