Love Com, Vol. 11 ( (Viz Media)) - Aya Nakahara I actually had tears on my eyes while I was reading this volume. The relationship between Nobu and Nakao is so sweet! They love each other so much. And they are a terrific couple and great friends. Nobu has to move out because her grandmother is sick and need fresh air. Nakao says he supports her and that everything is fine, when he is actually suffering. I found it so sweet that he cried while he was with Otani. And the scene that brought tears to my eyes was when Risa was trying to comfort Nobu. Nobu did so much for Risa, and she is trying to compensate that but she does not know how, making her cry.

The last chapter, Nr. 44, was about Otani having to move out of his house because the entire family has influenza. As his test is in the next day, his mother wants him to have full energy and commands him to move out for the night. Nakao is spending the night at Nobu's house, and Suzuki is also studying, so the only alternative is going to Risa's house. And he finally meets Koizumi family... it was so funny! Mother finds him cute, and father and brother think it is amusing that someone cares for Risa.

It is so sad that soon all of them will be apart. I hope the manga does not turn dramatic... it has been so light and funny so far!