Love Com, Vol. 10 - Aya Nakahara This time Otani got in my nerves. I understand he is a teenager, but come on! He is so mean to Risa, he keeps telling her 'Aho' (idiot) or hitting her. She only wants to be with him, but he keeps telling her he does not and that her voice is too loud. Seriously, if I were Risa, I would have kicked him a long time ago. I know he is nice, a really good guy, but as a boyfriend he sucks. I know he needs to concentrate on his studies, and he can't because he keeps thinking in Risa, but why does he need to be so mean to her?

Risa is practically a loner now, with her boyfriend studying a lot. The only person who can see her as she truly is (happy, energetic... not depressed since Otani started going to cram school) is Kohori-kun, her co-worker. He is nice, also a midget, and likes Umibozu, and what is more important, he likes Koizumi. Of course Otani gets jealous, especially after witnessing Kohori kissing Koizumi while she was asleep. And more when he finds out Koizumi secretly went to an event with Kohori. And what does he do? He cowardly and despicably split up with her. And I am not sure if it is only in certain mangas, or reality in Japan is like this, but everyone always support the man. The same here: even Nobu supports Otani and blames Risa... and Risa blames herself and keeps asking for forgiveness. It makes me so mad!

At the end, Otani redeems himself a little bit, when he apologizes and asks Risa to come back together. I love the manga... but this volume was the weakest. I truly want Otani to change in the future... I cannot see him as I did in the previous volumes (cute, nice, enchanting, etc). I even like Haruka better than him... at least Haruka is caring toward Risa, who deserves better. I do not know if I am taking this manga too seriously, but the entire 'jealousy-with-the-consequent-splitting' made me nervous... especially jerk-Otani.