Love*Com (Lovely*Complex), Volume 9 - Aya Nakahara Risa is in that time of her life I went thru too... I can relate so well to her: all friends knowing what they will do after finishing school, while she does not have any idea and feels idiot and lonely at the same time. Unfortunately is that way; Otani has plans to go to the university and she does not, so they will be apart. But she wants to take advantage of the short time by being together as much as possible, and that means taking a job as a waitress near the cram school Otani is going.

First, I felt bad that no one was supporting Otani in his decision of studying hard to go to university; everyone was telling him he could not do it because he is a lousy student. Then, I could not stop feeling sorry for Risa for being left behind AND being called by your boyfriend 'idiot' all the time. Come on Otani! Stop being so mean to her already.

But the kiss Otani gave Risa at the festival was really really sweet <3