Love*Com (Lovely*Complex), Volume 5 - Aya Nakahara OMG who cannot relate to Risa? Suffering because of the ex-girlfriend? AWWWWW this manga is so cute, and funny and romantic! And Otani is also cute, kind of dumb (because he cannot see he is MEANT to be with Risa) but so considerate!

I like all Koizumi's friends, even Haruka. He was so nice telling all these things to Otani! Poor Risa, being rejected AGAIN in Valentine's Day... But even if I think Otani is a dumb for not seeing he is the perfect match for Koizumi, I think he is also very sweet, not wanting to make her think he is in love with her, when he is still confused about his feelings.

Yesterday I started watching the anime. It is really good! I love it, and I love the manga too :)