Love*Com (Lovely*Complex), Volume 2 - Aya Nakahara It is getting better I think. Otani is a cutey boy, I like his personality, kind of serious and stern, and actually really nice. The same with Risa... I like that she is never embarrassed to say or do things, she feels so comfortable around Otani that she is always herself. And I also like the couple who are their friends (I do not remember their names) who are trying to get them together. That scene were Otani was kind of depressed at the coffee shop and the two of them 'reading' his feeling was very funny!

The artwork is very nice, the way the author draws the eyes is just beautiful. Only when Risa has rosy cheeks it does not look too nice, it is not too subtle; otherwise the details are amazing, like the clothes for example.

There is only one thing I disagree, but this is related to Japan's tradition I guess, which is Valentine's day. Why is that girls have to make chocolates for the boys? I thank God that I am not living in Japan during this holiday!