One Piece Volume 01 - Eiichiro Oda I have finally! read One Piece. It has been like a 'must read' in my list. Why? a) Because it popularity (looks like it is a tie between this and Naruto). b)Because there is going to be a convention in my town next month, and there are always TON of stuff related to One Piece. c) Because my favorites Japanese idols LOVE One Piece.

Honestly I barely had an idea about the manga. I only knew that the MC was Monkey D. Luffy and that it was about pirates. I did not know that Luffy had a special ability (he is the "Rubber man", meaning his body is made of rubber, because he ate something that made him like that). The art is funny. The characters are funny. Talking about big mouths! And that 'laid back' aspect!

There are already a bunch of characters just in the first volume. There is Coby, who is a little boy, physically weak, whinny, but with a big heart (he befriends Luffy very quickly). Then there is the Lieutenant Morgan, who looks like the villain Bane from 'Batman'. And his son is so much like Draco Malfoy! With the whole "I am going to tell my dad", or "Wait until my dad hears about this", so funny! And there is also Zoro, a great swordsman who becomes Luffy's partner in the whole pirate thing.

So far the story is working for me. It is a very 'relaxing' manga.