Gantz/1 - Hiroya Oku What a crazy manga. I was avoiding it, mainly because I've heard and read that all s***, violent, very gore, etc. etc. But in the last couple of months, the movie is screening every once in a while on TV. And imagine my surprise when I find out that, not only Nino from Arashi played Kei, but also Matsuyama Kenichi (a.k.a. L from Death Note) as Kato. So the couple of times that I was able to watch the movie, was for a few minutes sadly, but it caught my attention.

It is a bit dystopian. A bunch of people locked in a room with some kind of machine, guns and others equipments. Once they are outside is where the adventure begins. Luckily the rapist is out of the map. Plenty of fanservice too, with the naked girl and the cosplay. The art is good, computerized-like, very detailed.

I'll probably read only a few volumes.