One Pound Gospel, Volume 1 - Rumiko Takahashi The reason I picked this manga to read it is Kamenashi Kazuya, the actor who played the main role in the dorama. I wanted to know the story before watching the series.

I was expecting not to like it at all, but surprisingly it was the opposite. Kosaku is a likeable character, and although I am not a fan of boxing, the story was fast-paced and kept me interested.

Kosaku is a wrestler pro in featherweight, meaning that he has to keep a balance in his weight. Her trainer is always controlling him because Kosaku loves to eat. And he also has a crush on a nun, Angela (in the dorama, played by the beautiful Meisa). A nun watching a boxing match, imagine that.

Even the art is nice. It reminds me of the cartoon 'Speed Racer'. It is old looking but the characters have soft features. I don't see why there are many negative reviews about the possible relationship between a nun and a boxer. She is a novice actually, and there are no flirtations or whatever; just friendship and a crush on Kosaku's side. It is all very innocent.