Squire - Jet Mykles Two characteristics that are never missing in a Jet Mykles' book: steaminess and fun. The names are kind of weird: Rabin and Izzy (?). Rabin, the top, is a straight Rock-star who quickly and without drama embraces his new sexuality. I thought Danny was going to be an issue, but there was nothing to worry about.

Recommended to people who read the Heaven Sent saga, cuz this is a spin-off. Izzy is Brent's cousin and Rabin leaves in his house for a while. A few mentions to the other members.. I was happy just with the mere mention of Tyler, who remains one of my favorite uke.

And it may be short, but I don't know how Jet Mykes does it but I don't feel like her books are porn with plot; you can actually "see" how and why their characters fall in love.