Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

Is it really necessary to say every freaking time that her eyes were gray? I get that it may be to empathize that her element was Stone or that she was cold, but seriously, it was ridiculous. "I opened my gray eyes"; "I rolled my gray eyes", "my gray eyes were tired". Or when Donovan Caine was involved: "we gazed at each other, gray over gold"; "his gold eyes stared at my gray eyes". uggghhh. And don't let me even start with her continuous "Mmmm" every time she fantasized about Donovan.

Besides that complain, Gin was the Assassin I was expecting: quick, cold, a kick-ass heroine. Too bad she does not take advantage of her elemental, because it is awesome. And it looks like Urban Fantasy is not my thing; it is too "rough", not only the environment but the relationships too. There isn't really a chemistry between her and Donovan; the author tried too hard to tell us there is, but THERE ISN'T.Trust me.