Lonely Planet: Japan - Chris Rowthorn, Andrew Bender, Timothy Hornyak, Benedict Walker To me, one of the best feelings I experience after reading a non-fiction book is to think I became an expert in the subject. Of course I deceive myself when I think that if I travel to Japan tomorrow, I will go fully qualified. Or if I talk to someone who visit this beautiful land, I would be a total show-off about everything I learned.


All the information this book has is huge: hotels, places to visit, tours, food, lots of maps... And in spite that it is quite old regarding prices and schedules, it gives you an idea of how much a traveler will spend in everything. And there are several personal information, like in a certain hotel, "to beware of the dog, because it bites". Or, the owner of X hotel likes to talk about X subject with the tourists. Can't wait to go!

Versión en español: Tiene varios errores gramaticales; la editorial no sabe distinguir entre sólo y solo. O entre esta y ésta.