Along the Shore: Tales by the Sea - L.M. Montgomery, Rea Wilmshurst

It is so hard to say/think/write this, but I am a bit disappointed with this collection of stories. I am a hardcore fan of LMM and I know she was an exceptional writer, no doubt in that area. Her descriptions in these stories are wonderful as always; to me, every time I read her books is like visiting an old friend. It is like I've met these characters before, and like I've been in those places before.

Alas, not in this book. The characters at least. Except maybe for a couple of them, because they are "recycled" stories: stories that we find in other books, like "The Life-Book if Uncle Jesse" is the same as the Life-Book of Captain Jim of "Anne's House of Dreams" (Anne of Green Gables, #5). "A Soul that Was Not at Home" is almost the same as Paul and his rock-people from "Anne of Avonlea" (Anne of Green Gables, #2). And the last story of Little George and Big George is the same as the cousins of "A Tangled Web".

The rest of them are not Kindred Spirit (sorry Mrs. Montgomery!). I hated did not like the ones from the story "A Strayed Allegiance", in fact, I hope Elliott and his lover have lived UNhappily ever after!