Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck WOW, this book was a really nice surprise. After all the good reviews + as it is a YA book, I was not very convinced, but the story hooked me right from the beginning. The characters are great, the setting is fantastic, the story is so interesting... Of course, there are certain elements I did not like or was against it, that is why this book has a 4 star review instead of 5: First of all, it is a YA book, a genre that lately I have not been a fan after all. Why? Because all of them have the same situation which I despise, such as:

- An average looking girl who, SURPRISE! actually is really really beautiful: I am not sure if it is the same case with Kelsey, cuz the only 3 people who tell her she is pretty, or that she looks beautiful, are Ren and Kishan, and Mr. Kadam, who can be just sweet in a grand-fatherly way.

- A gorgeous,God-like, incredible, awesome, etc. etc. male character: Ren is no exception.

- Love triangle: luckily, so far, in this book did not happen in the YA sort of way. Yes, Kishan is flirty and likes to tease Kelsey, but I do not consider him a Gale-Jacob-Adrian-sort-of-character.

Other thing that bothered me was that the whole story happens in another country, but it is an American girl the Chosen One... What? They are across the entire world, and Destiny chose an American girl to be the one who is going to save them from the TigerĀ“s curse? Mmmmmm... Ok, Ok, I get that the writer is American, but anyway, I did not like that.

And the last thing is the contradiction Kelsey makes... no, that she thinks. In one chapter she feels that Ren loves her, but when the ending is approaching, she is certain that he is just confused because he never met another girl before... What?

Anyway, there were just little situations like the described above that made me mad. But the book was fantastic, I really felt connected with Kelsey, she is amazing, funny, brave... In fact, I felt sometimes that I was reading a chick lit, when I was reading her insights. There were soooo funny!! Especially the first time when Ren was going to kiss her; that scene made me laugh out loud! Also, their inner struggles regarding Ren... I could relate to that. Of course she is going to feel that way if she is not beautiful and Ren is some kind of God and never met anyone besides her. I almost positive I would have felt the same way.

And the description of India... I love it! I was always interested in that country, but this book made me hungry for their food, their streets, their jungles. I am now more convinced than ever to visit India once in my life.

So everything was enjoyable about the book. Ren is magnificent, so gentleman-like (I love it), and so exotic. Mr. Kadam is fantastic, and the scenes in the circus were amazing. I am looking forward to read the new book. (Although it made me mad to find out there are like 5 so far! I am not into series most of the times)

Highly recommended.