The Doctor's Sweetheart - L.M. Montgomery, Catherine McLay

The first time I read this lovely book was approximately 15 years ago. And the last time was around 5 years after that (the library at my school owns a copy). I have always wanted to buy it, so I could not believe my luck when I found an used copy in Amazon at USD 0.01 only! (although, with the shipping and all that, it cost me around USD 5.00).

Re-reading again was a pleasure; some stories were like I've read it yesterday instead of a decade ago. All of them -places, plot, characters- are Kindred Spirits. This is a collection worth of reading.

- "Kismet": a young woman re-encounters her husband in a horse race. It was a bit sad, but with a HFN ending.

- "Emily's Husband": an old grudge between Emily and her husband kept them apart for many years. The ending was a bit like Anne and The Island, when she realizes her feeling for Gilbert when he is almost dying.

- "The Girl and The Wild Race": Judith gets mad when her aunt keeps pestering about marriage. She gets so mad she promises to marry the first man who proposes to her, so two eager suitors race to arrive first. OOMF*.

- "The Promise of Lucy Ellen": this story is similar to the one of Rosemary and Mr. Meredith from Rainbow Valley (Anne of Green Gables, #7).

- "The Parting of the Ways": a sad story, a woman who wants to make what is right for the boy who admires her so much. I pitied the woman at the end.

- "The Doctor's Sweetheart": the narrator -an old woman- and the Doctor are waiting for Marcella, while the town pities the Doctor, not believing she would come back. Marcella was too young in my opinion, but there is no age in live, isn't it?

- "By the Grace of Julius Cesar": two women are trapped in the roof of the house of a man, not wanting to get down until the dog is away. But the man won't keep the dog away until one of the women agrees to be his wife. It's funny, and a bit sarcastic I think. OOMF*.

- "Akin to Love": a woman who has been rejecting his suitor's proposal for years has to help him with his sick sister. Also funny.

- "A Finished Story": another bittersweet story; a woman who had lost her love and never knew if he loved her back or not.

- "My Lady Jane": a man masquerades as his cousin, and re-encounters his old love.

- "Abel and His Great Adventure": my least favorite, only because I did not understand the plot. It was almost like an old man sharing his thoughts with the narrator, a bit like Captain Jim.

- "The Garden of Spices": I loved this one mainly because the MC is a boy, and LMM knew how to write from a kid's POV. It is also one of the sweetest, with a HEA. OOMF*.

- "The Bride is Waiting": Susan has to redecorate the house of her dreams for her old suitor and his new bride, Juanita. This kind of story is so LMM style, funny and romantic. OOMF.

- "I Know A Secret": if you are a big fan of LMM works, this title alone has to sound familiar to you. It is a "recycled" story of Nan in Anne of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, #6).

(*OOMF = One of my favorites)