Pride & Popularity - Jenni James

It always amazes me when I read a lot of good reviews and high ratings, and then I rate the same book like this. I think it is a terrible retelling of P&P. I even couldn't stop thinking while I was reading it 'Mmmm I could be reading the last book of "The Ghost and the Goth" (which I am going to do now).

To me the book is like a fanfic. The writing is amateur-ish, the behavior of characters is so forced; it does not look real or flowing. Even the cover looks fanfic.

Chloe... my God, what an obnoxious character! She proclaims she does not care for Taylor, but all she does is talk about him and think about him, in a bad way. The only thing the poor guy ever did was to be a flirt. Is that a sin?? That is no reason for being so disagreeable with him!

Taylor, the 'Darcy'. WOW, what an unappealing boy! Darcy at least did not went out with every single girl available. The same with Blake.. the conversations he has with Chloe over the phone were so unnatural, forced, zero chemistry.

And I could go on and on about the negative aspects of the book. It is so bad it is not even funny.