Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 01 - Rei Tōma Two first with this manga: my first red-head heroine, and my first medieval manga. Maybe the mangaka was playing a bit with the names, I am not sure yet if they mean and will mean something in the future: Cain (this one is a Yes), Caesar (a Yes), Loki (a Maybe). And Nakaba is, as far as I've read, a Cassandra, with her special ability, which is still very vague.

Although I avoid any kind of love triangle, taking that aside, the story is interesting. She is married, for political reasons only, to Caesar, who starts as a jerk, and changes considerably just in the first volume. Loki is the loyal servant, but also a bit possessive (he is kind like a vampire: a 'creature', half animal, half human, special abilities, does not aged, etc). Caesar's royal family does not like her, and she is somewhat alone in this country.

It is a story that develops fast and it is easy to read.