Caught Running - Abigail Roux;Madeleine Urban

3.5 stars, but I may change my mind, so I just go ahead and rate it 4.

Almost everything I am looking for in a BL romance: it is cute and totally hot. No misunderstanding, no dramas, no desire to shake one of the characters.. I am shocked that it was such a "laid-back" story!

Ex-classmates, one a jock, the other a nerd, meeting again as teachers in the same school. Because Brandon has to co-coach, he and Jake get to know each other. Slowly that friendship turns into looooove. Sometimes Brandon was a little too insecure, but they at least admitted their feelings and thoughts pretty quickly, so there are barely moments were you want to yell at them "Tell him how you feel!".

The end is a bit MEH, not because it has a HFN feeling (as others readers pointed out) but because it has been so used that easy way out of the friend finding out about his gay friend waaay before the gay friend admits his sexuality. And it would have been nice if Misty found out that Jake was gay so she decided to leave him alone..

Anyway, I liked Jake and Brandon. Jake "Thundercat" was a delicious dom, and Brandon, the sub, was actually quite manly. All their times together do not get boring AT ALL. The story is narrated from both POV, which makes it rather confusing sometimes. And some things were left unanswered, so this needs a sequel.