Romantic Vignettes: The Anthology of Premiere Novellas - Marcia Lynn McClure The Unobtainable One: I loooove books that are about a governess going to a big house/castle/manor and falling in love with the master. One of my favorite authors, Victoria Holt, has many books about this theme, luckily! So I was soo happy to found this ebook FREE! on Amazon. So bad the story is so short, it doesn't let the relationship between all the characters to develop smoothly. Sometimes it appeared too rushed for my taste.. especially the relationship between Annette and Andrea... The little girl started to love her governess right away. Also, Andrea, being just 6-years-old, behaved too grown-up.

But despites this negative points, I really liked the story. It was very romantic, very clean. But the kisses Annette and Gareth shared... WOW! So hot... Even if I disagreed with some of Gareth's actions (like kissing her in front of her rival! It was kind of humiliating for her IMO), he was a hot hero, and interesting too, because to me, he was kind of bipolar: one moment very tender; next, the personification of rage.

The General´s Ambition: the story in this one develops more smoothly than in the first one. Nothing seems rushed. This has kind of suspense with the General wanting to rape the heroine, Renee. The novella was incredible, i devoured it. Roque is another incredible hero, handsome and so gentleman! He waits like 1 year to consummates the marriage, just because he made a vow to Renee´s dead father, and then, because he thought Renee wouldn´t want him, or at least, until she declare she loved him. WOW WOW, what a man. I didn´t like his name so much, but the story behind the name that Marcia Lynn tells is funny.

The Indebted Deliverance: this one is my least favorite between the 3. But that doesn´t mean it is not well written. Only that I feel very sorry for Race, the hero. He made girls to be obsessed with him! Even Chalyce, the heroine. And despite learning his story later, I think he was rather rude to Chalyce, even if she deserved it sometimes (she was kind of meddling IMO). This novella has certain Jane Eyre-ish aspects, as why Race is so temper, a woman in his past, the heroine coming to his home to change his life, the mystery around him and having servants to support him... Also, I did not like the names: Race and Chalyce! But anyway, that does not let the story to be less appealing.

So I am really happy to have read a book from Marcia Lynn. I am pretty sure she would be one of my favorites clean-romance writer. I am willing to read more books from her, and more about her heroes with a "massive chest" as she mentioned in her notes... that was very funny!