The Marquis is Trapped (The Pink Collection)

The Marquis is Trapped (The Pink Collection) - Barbara Cartland

I can't believe how bad this book was. I am a huge Regency Romance fan, but this book... There are no words to describe how much I disliked the Marquis! Usually, the most interesting character in a Regency Romance book is the hero. In this one, he is so immature, coward, BORING! He is supposed to be one of the most admirable man in the ton, but I guess the only reason is because he is "handsome" and rich.

Arrrgghh, I hate when he complained that all the mothers and debutantes were looking for was marriage. Of course that is the only reason in Regency Era! What else were the women supposed to do? In an era were career did not exist for them, nor independence. Of course, the women were good enough to become his mistresses, but when they wanted to be something more serious, RUN, MARQUIS, RUN! Because that what he does, he RUNS AWAY all the time, the coward!

I am going to create a new shelf just for this book: TERRIBLE.